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Google Ads for E-commerce Stores

Ever wondered how some websites seem to be appearing at the top of Google search results for products that your company offer?

Well the most likely answer is Google Ads (formerly known as Google Adwords). Today, we’re going to let you know exactly why Ecommerce Stores and Google Ads are the perfect match.

Why do Ecommerce Stores use Google Ads?

To put it simply, Google Ads gives you the ability to reach your target audience at the exact moment they’re searching for your services online. You only pay when someone clicks and visits your website. This is known as Search Engine Marketing, sometimes referred to as SEM.

There are many different types of Advertising on Google Ads, such as YouTube, Google Shopping, Display Advertising, ReMarketing, Gmail etc. However, the most common form of Google Ads Advertising is the “Search” function, this is where you can choose a specific set of Keywords your target audience will be searching for online and the customer will then see your customised Search Ad and Website.

For example, let’s say you run an online boutique women’s shoe store, your target audience will be searching the internet for inspiration on their next purchase by entering “Keywords”, most likely something along the lines of “Designer women’s shoes”.

If your website or company is not showing up within the top 5 Google Searches, you’re missing out on potential customers as they don’t know your store exists. Pretty simple.

Further to this, Google allows much more advanced targeting, such as Users Location, Gender, Devices, Age, Custom and Pre-Built Audiences, Household income, Day Of the week, Time etc.

What’s more, Google Ads gives you complete control over your Search Engine Marketing, so you can advertise your services to the right audience.

What is the biggest benefit of Google Ads?

A common misconception is that the biggest benefit of Google Ads is the ability to appear in front of your target audience in Google at the top of Search Results, as we mentioned above, but this actually is not true.

The biggest benefit of Google Ads is the ability to control how you manage this function with their additional settings, targeting strategies, designing and creating your own specific ads and your own personal budget. With Google Ads you’re in control of the whole process.

Let’s say you run an online boutique women’s shoe store and your budget is £400 a month for advertising on Google Ads. You might say to Google, I don’t want to pay more than £400 a month and more than £0.25 per click for my targeted ads and I only want to reach female users between 20 – 60 years old who live within 15 miles of my store.

Google will now only display your ads to your specific targeted audience. Anyone outside of this specific criterion will not receive your ads, thus eliminating wasted spend. These additional targeting methods provide a much higher ROAS (return on ad spend) than just reaching everyone who is searching for ‘Women’s Designer Shoes’.

Google Shopping. A must have for any Ecommerce Store.

Why do so many e-commerce stores use Google Shopping? Well, Google Shopping is one, if not, the most cost-effective way to display your products at the top of Google search results a long with a picture of your product, the price of your product and all other attributes such as colour, size, brand, shipping price etc. And when you put all of this together, you’re giving the user exactly what they want, when they want, resulting in higher conversions and cheaper CPA (cost per actions).

Google Shopping also works extremely well with something we like to call “long tail keywords” these are one of the best types of keywords for conversions as they are highly targeted and the user is usually much higher up the conversion funnel.

For example, if a user types into Google “Size 6 Red Doc Martens Shoes” Your Google Shopping campaign will pick up your product title, sale price, shipping costs, picture, colour, store name, etc. and display all this information to the user at the top of Google at a very affordable CPC. This is why Google Shopping is a favourite campaign for almost all online e-commerce stores.

Google have recently released their new version of Google Shopping and appropriately named “Google SMART shopping”, this is now replacing the industry standard Google Shopping campaign due to it’s extended reach and more advanced bidding strategies.

What else can Google Ads do for my business?

You might think that’s it, that’s all I need. But Google Ads offers even more services to help influence the user to a conversion. These include Ad Extensions – a must-have to make your ad stand out from the crowd. The types of extensions you can use are, Sitelinks, Promotion, Callout, Message, Structured Snipped, Reviews, just to name a few.

All of these extensions have a dramatic difference on a customer’s confidence level of your website. Google Ads gives you the ability to provide all the information the customer wants to see before deciding to visit or purchase your product.

For example, if your target audience search for “Designer women’s shoes” and they see your personalised custom ads and sitelink extensions promoting your range of “Gucci” or “Kurt Geiger” shoes, the ad extension shows the user instantly the products you stock.

You can also throw in a “Promotion Extension”, maybe you’re offering free shipping on orders over £60, or a ‘Contact Us’ button to find out more information.

All of these extra extensions provide the user with more information regarding your site and services and lead to a higher ROAS and click through rate.


When used correctly, finding and reaching your target audience online with Google Ads is one of, if not the most powerful tool any Ecommerce company can have within their digital marketing arsenal.

How Can I get Google Ads?

If you’re interested in Google Ads for your Ecommerce store, then speak to one of our expert Google Certified Paid Search Specialists.

If you just want to find out a little bit more about how Google Ads can help you, send us a message and we can schedule a free call to answer any of your questions.

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