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The Ultimate Guide to Ad Grants in the UK: Top 16 FAQs Answered

Google Ad Grants offer UK-based non-profits a significant opportunity to boost their online presence with up to £8,000 per month in free advertising on Google Search.

Free Advertising for Charities with Google Ads Grants

Understanding how to effectively utilise this resource can greatly enhance your organisation's visibility and impact. Here are the top 16 FAQs about Ad Grants tailored for UK charities.

1. What are Google Ad Grants?

Google Ad Grants provide eligible UK nonprofit organisations with up to £8,000 per month in free advertising on Google Search. This program is designed to help charities drive awareness, attract donations, and recruit volunteers through targeted online ads.

2. Who Is Eligible for Ad Grants in the UK?

Eligibility for Ad Grants in the UK requires organisations to:

  • Be recognised as a charitable entity by the UK Charity Commission or by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) as a charity for tax relief.
  • Have a high-quality, active website that meets Google's requirements.
  • Agree to Google's required certifications regarding non-discrimination and donation receipt and use.

3. How Can My UK Organisation Apply for an Ad Grant?

The application process includes:

  • Registering with Google for Nonprofits using your charity number.
  • Verifying your nonprofit status through the eligibility form.
  • Applying via the Google for Nonprofits portal and setting up a Google Ads account in line with Ad Grants guidelines.

4. What Can Ad Grants Be Used For and Can I Add Other Domains?

Ad Grants can be used to promote your nonprofit's missions, initiatives, events, and stories. While ads must initially direct users to the approved domain of the nonprofit’s website, you can request to add additional domains to your Ad Grants account.

These additional domains must also belong to your nonprofit and adhere to Google's policies for charities, ensuring they contribute to your organisation's mission and comply with all program guidelines.

5. Are There Restrictions on Ad Grant Usage in the UK?

Yes, there are several restrictions:

  • Ads must be text-only and appear on Google Search results pages.
  • There's a £2.00 maximum cost-per-click (CPC) limit.
  • Nonprofits must maintain a minimum 5% click-through rate (CTR) monthly.
  • Ads must link to the approved nonprofit domain or any approved additional domains.

6. How Do I Manage My Ad Grants Account Effectively?

Effective management involves:

  • Regularly refining ad keywords and ad text for relevance.
  • Structuring campaigns to target specific audiences and goals.
  • Monitoring performance metrics to optimise engagement and outcomes.

7. Can UK Ad Grants Be Used for International Campaigns?

Yes, while the grant is for UK-registered charities, ads can target users globally, provided they align with the organisation's mission and adhere to Google's Ad Grants policies.

8. What If I Don’t Use the Full £8,000 Monthly Budget?

Unused funds do not roll over to the next month. Optimising your ad campaigns to fully utilise the grant is crucial for maximising your nonprofit's visibility and achieving its goals.

9. Where Can My Ads Show in Google?

Ad Grants ads appear in Google Search results, below paid advertisements. This ensures your nonprofit's visibility to users actively searching for related keywords.

10. Can I Do Image, Video, and Display Ads in My Ad Grants Account?

No, Ad Grants only support text-based ads on the Google Search results pages. Image, video, and display ads are not eligible under the Ad Grants program.

11. Can I Track My Events with Google Ad Grants?

Yes, you can track conversions and important actions on your website, such as donations, sign-ups, and event registrations, by setting up conversion tracking in your Google Ads account. This allows for better performance measurement and optimisation.

12. Can I Sell Items Through Google Ads Grants Like Merchandise?

Yes, charities can use Ad Grants to promote merchandise sales, provided the proceeds directly support the nonprofit's mission. However, the primary focus of the Ad Grants account should remain on promoting the nonprofit's initiatives and not solely on merchandise sales.

13. Can I Use Google Shopping in Ad Grants?

No, Google Shopping campaigns are not eligible under the Ad Grants program. The program is limited to text ads on the Google Search results pages.

14. Is It Possible to Spend the Whole £8,000 Monthly Ad Budget?

Spending the entire £8,000 monthly budget is challenging but perfectly possible, especially for charities with well-optimised campaigns targeting high-volume or competitive keywords.

Success in fully utilising the budget often requires:

  • Continuous optimisation of ad campaigns.
  • Expanding the variety of campaigns to cover all aspects of the nonprofit's activities.
  • Using relevant, high-quality keywords.
  • Implementing advanced bidding strategies to maximise ad visibility and engagement.
  • Achieving full budget utilisation also depends on the nonprofit's specific goals, the competitiveness of the ad space, and the relevance of the ads to the target audience. Regular monitoring and adjustments are key to approaching or reaching the full budget potential.

15. Do Ad Grant Ads Always Appear Lower on Search Results Page Than Paid for Ads?

Yes, Ad Grants ads typically appear below paid advertisements on Google Search results pages. This positioning is due to the nature of the Ad Grants program, which provides free advertising space for charities.

While this might impact the visibility of Ad Grants ads compared to paid ads, strategic keyword selection, and campaign optimisation can still result in significant visibility and engagement for your nonprofit's ads.

It's important to focus on creating high-quality, relevant ad content and continuously optimising your campaigns to improve their performance within the available ad space.

16. How Does Google Measure the Success of My Campaigns?

Google evaluates campaign success using metrics such as impressions, clicks, click-through rate (CTR), and conversion rates. Google Ads provides tools for tracking these metrics, enabling you to adjust your strategies for better performance.

Challenges with Google Ad Grants

Navigating the complexities of Google Ad Grants can be a daunting task for many charities and nonprofit organisations (NPOs). Understanding eligibility criteria and optimising ad campaigns for maximum impact can be non-trivial.

How our PPC Experts help Charities

At Outsearch, we specialise in helping charities and NPOs unlock the full potential of Google Ad Grants. Our expertise lies not just in getting your organisation set up with Ad Grants but in driving better results through strategic PPC management.

We understand that every penny counts for charities and NPOs, which is why our focus is on maximising the £8,000 monthly advertising grant to achieve your goals, whether it's increasing donations, recruiting volunteers, or raising awareness for your cause.

Our team of PPC experts can help you with:

  • Streamlining the Application Process: We simplify the Ad Grants application process, ensuring your charity meets Google's eligibility requirements and gets approved without hassle.
  • Campaign Optimisation: Leveraging advanced bidding strategies and continuous campaign optimisation, we aim to not only spend the full £8,000 monthly budget but to do so in a way that brings tangible results to your organisation.
  • Performance Tracking: With Outsearch, performance tracking goes beyond basic metrics. We dive deep into conversion tracking and analytics to understand what works best for your charity, enabling data-driven decisions that enhance campaign effectiveness.
  • Specialised Expertise: Our focus on charities and NPOs means we understand the unique challenges and opportunities within this sector, enabling us to tailor strategies that resonate with your mission and audience.
  • Comprehensive Support: From setting up your Ad Grants account to managing complex PPC campaigns, Outsearch offers end-to-end support, allowing you to focus on what you do best - making a difference.
  • Results-Driven Approach: We're not just about spending your Ad Grants budget; we're about making every click count. Our goal is to drive meaningful actions that support your organisation's objectives

Choose OutSearch as your Charity's PPC Partner

If your charity or NPO is looking to get started with Google Ad Grants or seeking to improve your existing Ad Grants performance, Outsearch is here to help.

Together, we can turn the power of Google Search advertising into real-world impact for your cause. Let's make your mission visible to the world.

For more information on how Outsearch can help your charity or NPO achieve its goals with Google Ad Grants, please contact us. Your mission deserves to be seen, and with Outsearch, we'll ensure it is.

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