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OutSearch specialise in running Google Ads digital marketing campaigns, and are highly effective in the most competitive of e-commerce markets. We also like to bring those skills to bear for more worthwhile causes, within the Charity and Non-profit sector.

We work with internal fundraising and service delivery teams to create effective Google Ads marketing campaigns to support the goals of charitable organisations, and drive revenue.

Campaign Goals for Charities

Successes include online advertising campaigns with goal completions such as training courses, donations, volunteer work, ticket bookings, enquiries and venue hire to generate revenues for non-profit's. We can shape marketing campaigns to your organisation's needs.

Charity Testimonial

Outsearch are swift to respond, endlessly patient and supportive, and their expertise is well applied to build and develop clients' online presence.

Working with them has been a pleasure.

Andrew Wallis OBE

Andrew Wallis OBE
- Unseen UK

Our Clients

Google Ad Grants

Google Ad Grants

We can help Charities to apply for and secure up to £8,000 of free Ad Grants for Google Ads, and then crucially help to spend that Ad budget most effectively. It can be difficult to spend the budget, let alone deploy it optimally.

Google provide free Google Ad Grants to Non-profits. Our team have experience of the application process for Ad Grants, and can lead you through it.

Spending Ad Budget Effectively

We come across situations where Charities are quite understandably using inexperienced, in-house resource to save money.

This can be a false saving to make if it means spending a large Ad budget ineffectively. Google Ads works a bit differently with grants, and campaigns can be difficult to run. Our team understand how to spend the full budget quota and deliver a positive return on investment. Read our Google Ad Grant FAQ's for more information.

Charities we have Helped

Case Study - Unseen - Modern Day Slavery


Unseen is a Bristol based charity helping survivors of trafficking and modern day slavery.

They provide a telephone helpline for victims of exploitation to connect and get help and advice, and work closely with community and goverment organisations to educate, and combat modern day slavery.


Deploying a Google Ad Grants budget, our mission was to elevate Unseen UK's brand, increase donations, and promote corporate training.

We worked closely with the team at Unseen to shape campaign goals around donations, sponsorships, training courses and the helpline amongst others.

Campaign Management

We built and launched precision-targeted digital marketing campaigns. By harnessing the power of existing high-quality content and directing strategic keywords, we ensured our messages struck a chord with the intended audiences.

This meticulous approach was underpinned by a deep dive into keyword research, aligning our efforts with the most impactful terms to drive engagement and action.

Data Driven

Data was the cornerstone of our strategy, guiding every decision through the integration of Google Tag Manager with Google Analytics and Google Ads for seamless tracking and real-time insights.

This enabled dynamic budget allocation towards high-performing keywords and campaigns, optimising spending for maximum efficiency. Advanced geographic and audience targeting further sharpened our campaigns, ensuring we reached the most relevant and responsive segments with tailored messaging.

Successful Results

Campaign Statistics

  • Impressions 389,812
  • Clicks 40,297
  • CTR 10.34%
  • PPC Traffic Increased by over 140%
  • Overall Website Traffic increased by 60%
  • Conversion Rate 4.16%
  • Total ad spend £185,826

Goal Conversions

  • Donations 1,290
  • Room Sponsorships 80
  • Media/ Press Enquiries 23
  • Fundraise Events 6
  • Training Courses 75
  • Phone Calls 25
  • Business & Public Enquiries 184

Trusts we have Helped

Case Study - The Bishop's Palace & Gardens - Wells

The Bishop's Palace

Owned by the Church Commissioners and operated by The Palace Trust, the Bishop's Palace & Gardens is a registered charity managed as a heritage visitors attraction.

They preserve the beautiful and historic site, which provides a place to provide peaceful reflection and enjoyment for all to enjoy.


Our objective with the Google Ad Grants program was to enhance public brand awareness for The Bishop's Palace and drive increased admissions through ticket sales for access to the palace grounds, gardens which wholly funds the cost of maintaining the premesis

We also promoted a variety of weekly events including Easter egg hunts, family outings, and Christmas festivities. Additionally, we strategically aimed to boost wedding inquiries, leveraging the palace's offerings as a unique venue, which in turn supports the non-profit organisation's funding.

Campaign Management

The implementation of our advertising strategy, characterised by detailed, customised search campaigns and precise geographic targeting, resulted in a significant uplift in both ticket sales and wedding enquiries. This achievement contributed to the palace's revenue and directly supported its operations.

Utilising Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, and Google Ads for comprehensive campaign setup and tracking, we were empowered to make informed, data-driven decisions. This approach enabled us to optimise our monthly ad grant budget allocation effectively, optimising sales and enquiries for The Bishop's Palace.

Successful Results

Campaign Statistics

  • Impressions 714,931
  • Clicks 82,713
  • CTR 11.57%
  • PPC Traffic Increased by over 500%
  • Overall Website Traffic increased by 114%
  • Conversion Rate 4.16%
  • Total ad spend £157,823.04

Goal Conversions

  • Ticket Purchases 500+
  • Ticket Revenue £20,000+
  • Wedding Enquiries 250+
  • Phone Calls 43

20% Discount for Charities

OutSearch are committed to keeping fees as low as possible for Charitable organisations, and adding value by generating a positive return on Ad Grant budgets.

Get in touch to discuss how we could help your Charity benefit from better online marketing.

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